Type of Testing

We perform different type of software testing in Eniak Testing Lab. The types of testing depend on your project, available time for testing and your budget.

Below is a brief overview of some of the most common testing types that we use in our work.

Acceptance Testing

When we receive a new version of the program, we start with a brief Acceptance testing. We check if the program is stable enough to be tested. If some portions are testable and some portions are not yet available, we formulate out test strategy for this stage, avoiding no testable parts.

Integration Testing

Integration testing proves that all areas of the system interact with each other correctly and that there are no gaps in the data flow. It is very important to have good understanding about the results of Integration Testing. Usually we do these tests before the Functional tests.
Final Integration Testing is the last chance to review work before final release. This test is good to be done in the end of testing circle, after all bugs are fixed.

Functional Testing

Functional Testing assures that each element of the applications meets the functional requirements and specifications. We perform a lot of test cases to assure correct functional operation of the system in this test phase.

Performance Testing

Typically the last set of tests performed before implementing the new system, performance testing validates how well the system performs, from a speed and data processing perspective. This is important because even if all the functional business requirements are validated, a poor performing system will negate much of the system's functional features. Stress and Load testing are often grouped into this category, but should be viewed as individual test phases.

Regression Testing

Regression Testing is an extremely important part of the testing phase. One aspect of regression testing is retesting, so as to assure that all fixed bugs are really fixed. You may prepare for us an extract with fixed bugs and we will retest them. If your company uses on-line bug tracking system it is possible to give us access to the bug tracking system (with limited rights for us) and we will view and retest fixed bugs. The other part consists of analysis and creation of a simple series of tests to assure that fixed bugs do not destroy anything else. This activity is wholly based on teamwork. You may give us your expectations about chances of the occurence of a new problem. We will then analyse every bug carefully and the parts of system that it reflects and will create a test strategy to assure that there is no risk for new issues.



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